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Birthdate:Nov 25
Location:New York, United States of America
Hey! My real name is Stephanie but most people just call me Sami. I'm a college student (I have an Associate in Science and am working towards a Bachelor degree in Marine Biology) currently living in New York. I have a huge passion for aquatic environments with special interest in coral reefs and marine aquaculture facilities. My research thus far has been on the invasive Asian shore crab and the use of Xenia coral as natural filtration.

I work as tutor and mainly tutor Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. I sometimes do odd jobs like aquarium maintenance and pet-sitting.

Speaking of pets, I have several :). I have two dogs (American Cocker Spaniels), a house rabbit, a red-cheeked mud turtle, a gargoyle gecko, a ball python, and a Kenyan sand boa. I also keep aquariums (freshwater and marine reefs). Although I'm down to just one "Walstad-style" self-sustaining planted aquarium, I still really enjoy aquatic plants and am always up for discussing such systems.

I like some non-aquatic animals, too! I foster dogs (sometimes rabbits and other small mammals) and have a huge love for degus. I kept degus for years but my last one just passed away from old age. I've written a few articles on their care and am in the process of putting together a research project on the captive lifespan of the species (it's sadly decreasing).

My other interests are the paranormal, video games (especially Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and Final Fantasty Tactics), collecting Pokemon merchandise (mainly Kingdra stuff, he's my favorite), and reading.

I'm in a relationship so creepers need not apply :p.

Feel free to add me, I'll probably add you back.

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